The only train station in the world with no timetable.

The building of the Vatican railway station (the only one in this country) was designed in an eclectic style by Giuseppe Momo and built during the reign of Pius XI. The whole is about 61 by 21.5 meters, the height of the building at the highest point is 16.85 meters. The Vatican railway line is connected, under article 6 of the Lateran Treaties of February 11, 1929, with the Italian rail network. The railway line starts from the Roma San Pietro station through the Gelsomino Valley via a brick viaduct with eight 15 meter curves crossing Via Aurelia and Viale Vaticano. The line before entering the Vatican comes to a gate with two 35.5-ton iron gates decorated with the coat of arms of Pius XI. On October 4, 1862, Pope John XXIII was the first pope to go from the Vatican station to Loretto and Assisi a few days before the Second Vatican Council and he was moving by train of the President of Italy. John Paul II was at the station several times, the first time he went not to meet Italian railwaymen on November 8, 1979 and January 24, 2002, when he went to Assisi with representatives of other religions Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 took a train to Assisi for prayers for peace. Currently, part of the station building is used for souvenir shops. Passenger traffic is now virtually zero and from time to time a trip from the Vatican to Gandolfo station is organized, where there is the summer residence of the popes and now a museum.