Some time ago I had the opportunity to participate in two special screenings of the film Gladiator (2000) directed by Ridley Scott (the first was at the Coliseum the day before the show in Circus Maximus).
The show was attended by Russell Crowe – the performer of the role of Maximus Decimus Meridus and Lisa Gerrard (vocalist of Dead Can Dance and a composer of film music), who wrote great music for the film together with Hans Zimmer.
Live music during the screening of the film was performed by Orchestra Italiana del Cinema – conductor Justin Freer, vocal parts performed by Lisa Gerrard. The show at Circus Maximus attracted crowds of people willing to see the film on a screen about 20 meters in diameter as well as live music fans.
I had the pleasure of being one of the few accredited journalists at these shows.
I invite you to watch a dozen or so photos from the show at Circus Maximus.